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With extensive knowledge and experience in the sector, Ant Hire strives to create equipment to help solve the challenges faced within the drainage and civil engineering industries. We listen to the needs of our customers and are always looking for more effective answers and solutions to the day-to-day problems faced by both clients and contractors.

  • 2014

    Remote Installation Device

    For situations where manhole access is difficult, the Remote Installation Stopper Device offers a solution. Often referred to as the “stopper on a stick”, the telescopic pole and unique elbow connection allows a stopper to be deployed into small diameter pipes, sealing them quickly and effectively with no need for human entry into a confined space.


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  • 2011

    Pressure Testing 500L Pump

    Ant Hire’s ever increasing range of in-house designed and built test pumps means that we can provide the right pump to meet job requirements. The hire fleet includes the industry’s first ever 500 litre 16bar test pump, suitable for the larger diameters, including trunk mains. These pumps have been designed to be the most user-friendly pumps on the market, with all the traditional complexity eliminated so they can be assembled on site without tools, fast.




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  • 2008

    Pressure Testing 300L Pump

    The pressure testing 300L per minute precision-engineered pump was designed to be the most user-friendly pump on the market, with all the traditional complexity eliminated so it can be assembled on site without tools, fast.


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  • 2005

    Pressure Testing 10 Minute Pump

    The 10 Minute Test Pumps, for use as part of our 10 Minute Tests have been devised for situations where a very short test time is required. It is used for testing polyethylene pipelines following rehabilitation, allowing the water supply to be tested and reconnected as quickly as possible to minimise inconvenience to the end user.

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  • 2005

    Pressure Testing 200L Pump

    The pressure testing 200L per minute precision-engineered pump was designed so that the correct test pump can be used to perform the pressure test quicker enabling our customers to save both time and money.


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  • 2003


    Leakage is a consistent problem in the water industry, which is why Ant Hire developed the LeakBox and injection pump. The kit contains the materials needed to seal leaks in manholes, cellars, tanks and other brick or concrete structures, by injecting the problem area with expanding resin to provide a fast, long lasting solution.



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  • 2002

    Pressure Testing Data Logger

    As part of our commitment to providing accurate and detailed pressure testing results, Ant Hire’s Pressure Testing division developed its own data loggers to meet our requirements.  While standard loggers record pressure and flow, Ant Hire’s data loggers also record temperature and GPS co-ordinates for a more reliable assessment.


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  • 2000

    PatchBox Pipe Repair Kit

    Recognising a need for a fast, effective means of carrying out localised pipe repairs, Ant Hire developed PatchBox, the first ever no dig patch repair kit. The PatchBox kit contains everything required for repairing damaged pipe sections without excavation.


  • 1996

    Vertform Manhole Shuttering System

    The Vertform Manhole System was designed to create watertight manhole inverts and bases in a single operation, eliminating the need for concrete remedial work and making it easier for contractors on site. 

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