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Managing Director

Antony Scott

Sales Director

Antony’s role is to help grow the business & to take advantage of a number of unique products and services that Ant Hire offer.

Antony has been in the industry for over 10 years and working at an executive level for nearly 20 years.

His passion outside of work? Is music and after many failing years is still unable to play the banjo.


Financial Director

It’s all about the numbers for Julia and as our Finance Director she is small but not easily overlooked! Julia has been in the business for many years and she keeps a close eye on the company’s financial performance.   She enjoys working with her team to make sure the accounting function runs as smoothly as possible.

If that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she has two teenage daughters, a dog called Izzy and she’s married to Adrian who is the Managing Director of the company! To help de-stress, Julia likes to keep fit by running and going for long walks in the Lake District. 

John Rose

Business Development Manager

John's been with Ant Hire since 2004, and there are few people in the UK with as much technical and product knowledge when it comes to lateral cutters as John.

John started 'on the tools' pulling apart and putting back together cameras and cutters, really understanding what makes them tick and how to ensure customers have the right tool for the job and has progressed through sheer determination to head up the Robotic product range.

Ant Hire has been nominated 'Global IMS Dealer' of the year, twice largely due to John's passion for their suite of cutters.

In his free time, which has declined significantly since the birth of Isaac he likes to spend time with his family and friends. 

Lee Gallagher

Divisional Manager

Lee has joined the Ant Hire family to develop existing and new business across the Pressure Testing and Stopper range of services and products.

Lee has over 25 years experience in this field. Offering advice and service, not just at a site level.

Alex Polotnianka

Senior Business Development Manager

Alex has been in the plant hire industry since forever! Joining Ant Hire in 2014. 

His main focus day to day is working with house builders and companies building large infrastructure projects who need support building watertight manhole inverts using Vertform.

When not thinking about work, Alex shoots clay pigeons out of the sky and calmly walks his springers long distances.


Simon Tucker

Business Development Manager

What hasn't Simon done at Ant Hire, apart from making cups of tea!

He joined in 2013 after returning from Aussie land to demonstrate, Vertform, Cutters, Cameras and patching. Progressing to join the Business Development team in 2016.

Simon is very much focused on working with Civil Engineers helping them with technical solutions when building infrastructure requiring manhole inverts.

In his spare time, he shoots pigeons made of clay and keeps fit.

Nigel Cookson

Business Development Manager

Nigel has joined Ant Hire to develop our offering on the Vertform & Stopper products to new and existing civil engineering customers, focusing very much on Anglian and Severn Trent Water geographical areas.

David Macinnes

Key Account Manager

David has worked in the pipe & water industry for over 10 years now and before this spent most of his working life in the hygiene sector.

Joining Ant Hire in 2016 with specific responsibility for Scotland, which he's proud to say is both his nationality and home.

When David isn't chasing around taking care of customers in Scotland, he's thinking about cycling, scuba diving wrecks and food. Mostly food.


Malcolm Beasley

Technical Sales Support Manager

Malcolm has been in the plant hire business for over 40 years and worked at Ant Hire since its formation, latterly working very closely with Civil Engineers providing technical support and creating innovative products to help them keep working, safer and better.

Lindsay Munday

Customer Service Manager

Lindsay has worked at Ant Hire since 2003 and in this time, her depth of product and hire knowledge has determined several key processes that have helped build the company a great reputation in providing an excellent hire and sale service. With management control over Customer Service, Lindsay can ensure her own determination is the bedrock of the rest of the team.

Outside of work Lindsay and her husband enjoys keeping fit, wining and dining, visiting exotic locations and being great role models for their daughter.

Natalie Watson

Customer Service Executive

Natalie’s passion at Ant Hire is ensuring customers have a great experience and keep coming back.

Natalie has worked in the Customer Service Team for over 7 years in which time she has built strong connections with customers using her warm personality, her pythonesque take on life and in-depth product knowledge.

Outside of work her family keep her young and the gym keeps her tired.

Kirsty Holland

Customer Service Executive

Kirsty recently joined the Customer Service team, most recently working in Plant hire and at one time an Ant Hire competitor. 

Kirsty has a big smile for everyone, every day which probably has to do with living in Spain for so long, all that sunshine has obviously had a very positive effect on her personality.

Outside of work, Kirsty is a fanatical MOTO GP fan and when not thinking about that she finds time to go to the gym and keep up with family & friends.


Natalie Hughes

Customer Service Executives

Natalie Hughes Welsh heritage comes out in all her customer contacts. She engages with people in a helpful and supportive way, always considering the right thing to do for everybody and is the conscience and heartbeat of the Customer Service team. Most of Natalie’s spare time these days is spent taking care of her newborn baby, son and Husband.

Paige Barker

Customer Service Executive

Paige in the last 4 years has gained valuable knowledge of our Pressure Testing services, focusing very much on the customer interactions and making sure their journeys are hassle free and a great experience. It’s highly likely Paige will be the person you talk to when asking those challenging questions when a solution is needed.

At home, which is an ongoing under construction project, Paige bakes and decorates cakes and all our waistbands really appreciate that!

Susan Maddison

Customer Service Executives

Sue is the newbie in the Customer Service team, although her background is all about providing customers with solutions. Sue describes the Customer Service team as a busy and lively environment which is code for saying “it gets busy but we all pull together”. When not thinking about work, Sue cycles walks, socialises and I’m sure finds time to kick back and relax.

Tony Kitchen

Head of Pressure Testing

Tony joined Ant Hire in 2003 and is passionate about making sure everyone who is pressure testing hydrostatically does so safely and fully complies with the latest IGN.

With over 30 years hire experience focusing on water applications, Tony's responsibilities as Head of Pressure Testing means he's as involved as any leader of a business can be. From making sure orders go out the door on time to supporting Water Co's & regulatory technical requirements are answered and understood.

 Outside of work, Tony shouts loudly at Leeds United FC to get a move on!

Dominic Bedford

Pressure Test Analyst

Dominic started his working life at Ant Hire at the sharp end of the Hire Desk before moving onto managing the trade counter and now specialises in the analysis of live Pressure Tests. Focusing very much on managing productivity and contractors team utilisation through test intervention.

When he's not in work or sleep mode, Dominic loves watching sport, reading and the ubiquitous, socialising.

Graham Ellis

Pressure Test Analyst

After 35 years in the brewing industry Graham thought it was time for a change and in 2011 joined Ant Hires Pressure Testing analyst team.

Very much focused on technical intervention and supporting contractors doing it right the first time.

When he's not spending quality time with his grandchildren, Graham enjoys most sports, watching not playing now!!, apart from the occasional round of golf. On a Sunday he also runs the local Sunday football team.

Steven Whitehurst

Pressure Test Analyst

Steve is the newest addition to the team of analysts at Pressure Testing. Steve's responsibility is to ensure the equipment out on hire are all calibrated and compliant, as well as supporting the other analysts at peak times.

James Johnson

Workshop Technician

James has been with Ant Hire in the Pressure Testing department since 2006 and is now one of the UK's leading fonts of equipment specialists.

However, his skills do not stop there, in his spare time he can be found restoring classic cars back to their full glory. 

Craig Paterson

Workshop Technician

Craig has recently joined our Pressure Testing Workshop Team working hard to keep the equipment in tip-top condition and is quickly learning just how important it is to us that our customers keep working.


Workshop Technician

Sam has recently joined our Pressure Testing Workshop Team working hard to keep the equipment in prime condition.

Tony Cannings

Vertform Demonstrator

Having worked at Ant Hire in the Vertform department since 2000, Tony knows all there is to know about the manhole shuttering system, Vertform.

Tony's passion is sharing the knowledge he has about producing watertight manholes to old & new customers and enjoys nothing more than getting in his van to demonstrate the product, no matter where, when or how.


Mick Crabtree

Vertform Technician

Mick joined the Ant Hire family in 2015 working exclusively in the Vertform division, supporting the great growth the range has seen in the last few years. Mick is quickly getting himself up to speed on the technical solutions Vertform can offer and is building a strong reputation as a solution provider for customers and colleagues.

When he's not sleeping or working, Mick keeps fit, working off all that socialising.

Andy Ashe

WorkShop Technician

Andy joined the Ant Hire family in 2003 and has worked across various departments learning along the way how to; repair and maintain the hire and sales fleet.

Andy is our very own weapon of grass destruction and can be found in his spare time participating in a few rounds of golf.

Ian Sutton

Engineering Innovation Manager

Ian is Ant Hire's very own inventor. Having worked for Ant Hire since 2001 in the research and development department, Ian can take a problem and turn it into a solution. In his spare time, he enjoys nothing more than touring the country on his motorbike.

Mark Douglas

Robotic Technician

Mark is our very own robotic trouble-shooter, having worked for Ant Hire since 2013 his main responsibility lies within the camera and cutter department.

However his skills don’t stop there you may also know him as Mr Curry Lover where his expertise in producing authentic Indian style takeaway dishes has won him the Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday award and his love for photography has led to a unique venture called Tukapic and in case your wondering yes it is a tuk-tuk (Indian 3 wheel vehicle) photo booth. 


Pressure Testing Workshop Engineer

Coming to Ant Hire from an Engineering background, Richard has joined our Pressure Testing team to help build and maintain the ever-growing fleet of pressure testing pumps

Alex Scott

Sewer Center Supervisor

Alex joined Ant Hire to strengthen the management of the Sewer Center team. With a background in electronics and a passion for cameras, it's become a labour of love for Alex to look after all the complexities of the Sewer Center product ranges.

When he's not working, Alex enjoys music, owning several guitars and enough amplifiers to worry his neighbours as well as taking part in group airsoft sessions.

Nic Palmer

Senior Waste Water Technician

Nic has been with Ant Hire for 16 Years and has an in-depth understanding of the companies product range.

His main focus is to ensure equipment meets the needs and expectations of the customer.

Nic is a Glastonbury regular and enjoys all things music as well as being a loyal Leeds United Supporter

Jordan Kitchen

Senior Waste Water Technician

Jordan began working at Ant Hire way back in 2010 when he was still a baby, he's currently the lead technician within the Sewer Center product range. He also oversees demonstrations and troubleshoots equipment challenges, ensuring teams keep on working.

 Jordan loves sports and plays 5 A Side.

Karl Barry

Waste Water Technician

Karl has been with Ant Hire since 2001 and spends most of his time focusing on camera repairs and is currently getting more and more involved in the cutter range.

In his free time when he is not falling down! he can be found hiking in various mountain ranges across the UK. 

Ben Homer

Financial Controller

Ben is one of the latest additions to the Ant Hire family and is a welcome member of the Accounting team.

Ben brings with him a wealth of financial controlling experience from the manufacturing sector and has lots of innovative ideas to support Ant Hires drive to become the No1 choice for specialist water hire provision.

Ben's newborn keeps him busy when not working as does, powerlifting, going for walks and eating out with his new wife Lisa.


Diane Credland

Accounts Office & Recoveries Manager

Diane has worked for Ant Hire now for over 3 years and enjoys the fast pace of life in finance!  

Diane's main focus is ensuring that customers terms are managed in line with their agreements.

Outside of work, she is busy getting fit so she can chase!!!

Lewis Schofield

Purchase Ledger Coordinator

Lewis has been on his apprenticeship at Ant Hire since June 2016. He is currently studying for his AAT and hopes to become a chartered accountant one day.

Lewis enjoys spending his spare time in the gym and supporting his local rugby team, Wakefield Trinity. 


Accounts Apprentice

Kes hs recently joined out Ant Hire accounts team and is currently studying for her AAT.

Catherine Ingleby

Marketing Coordinator

Catherine has worked in the marketing arena for over sixteen years and with Ant Hire for the past eight helping implement and execute all aspects of Ant Hire’s marketing strategy.

All about family, Catherine spends a lot of her spare time exploring the country with her husband and daughter and when they're not off on an adventure somewhere, she can be found at one of the many running events held across the UK.

Shuk Quan

Personal Assistant

Shuk joined the Customer Service Team at Ant Hire in 2001. After a 2 year residency period in Canada and working as a PA for an investment firm over there, she re-joined the company and now provides support as PA to the Directors.

Outside work she enjoys all the great things in life – exercise, good food, and shopping!

Dave Sutton

Business Systems Manager

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