Pressure Testing Videos

Pressure Testing: pump removal

A demonstration on how to remove a pressure testing pump while the pressure test is still running.View Details

Pressure Testing: test flanges

A demonstration on how to blank off the end of a pipe to allow a test to be performed.View Details

Pressure Testing: loss measure device

A demonstration of how to draw off water to measure the pressure loss in a pipe. View Details

Pressure Testing: pressurising the pipeline

A demonstration on how to pressurise a pipeline using the specially designed Ant Hire equipment. View Details

Vertform Manhole Base Construction

Vertform Manhole Shuttering System

Vertform is an alternative solution to traditional construction methods for creating manhole bases and inverts. View Details


Troglotech T804 CCTV Drain Camera

The Troglotech T804 pushrod pipe and sewer cameras are ideal if you are looking for a lightweight option which delivers great results.View Details

Troglotech T812 Pan and Tilt Camera

The Troglotech T812 Pan and Tilt Camera offers unique 'human perspective viewing'.View Details

Troglotech T710 1" Camera

This is Troglotech's smallest camera, measuring just under 25mm (1 inch). It can be used directly on the T804 Trogloprobe termination to survey straight pipes of 1-1/4" on the standard 61m of rod. Alternatively, it can be used with 20m of hyper-flexible rod for domestic PVC pipework or in swimming pool pipework.View Details

Troglotech T806 Remote Camera

The T806 Remote Viewing System is an option for the T804 high-definition Trogloprobe pushrod system. It comprises a cap fitted with a battery powered video receiver and twin high-resolution screens. The T804 system is fitted with the optional battery powered wireless video transmitter. The live video from the pushrod system is transmitted to the video glasses.View Details

Troglotech camera: how to assemble Brush Skids

This short video shows how to assemble Brush Skids, change brushes and fit them to the Troglotech T800 Auto-Uprighting Camera or the T812 Advanced Pan and Tilt Camera. In normal use, the brushes only need to be adjusted when moving from one pipe size to another. The skids can be used without brushes for 3" pipes.View Details

Troglotech T812 with digital measurments

Troglotech has designed a new way of measuring defects and other artefacts while surveying pipe work. The new method radically simplifies and expedites surveying where measurements are required.View Details


IBAK PANORAMO SI Pipeline Camera

The IBAK PANORAMO® boasts unique scanner technology for highly efficient sewer pipe inspections.View Details

IBAK POLARIS Lateral Camera

The IBAK Polaris pushrod camera was designed to satisfy the demand for a bend flexible camera suitable for bends of 90 degrees with a 100 per cent field view.View Details

IBAK PANORAMO Manhole Scanner

The PANORAMO® SI provides a complete 360 degree view of the manhole after the inspection, similar to normal PANORAMO® pipe segment files. This systems enables you to conduct inspections in a fraction of the time it would take you with traditional methods.View Details


RIDGID SeeSnake microDrainâ„¢ Camera

The SeeSnake microDrain™ video inspection system is small and provides manoeuvrability for small diameter and tight-turn radius inspections.View Details

IMS Lateral Cutters

IMS Lateral Robotic Cutters

A range of lateral cutters that can handle the wear and tear of cutting through the new liner in a variety of pipes and pipe sizes.View Details

PatchBox - Pipe Repair

PatchBox: the 'no dig' pipe spot repair kit

A cost effective and easy to use solution for the permanent and watertight repair of damaged pipes without the need for excavation work. View Details

PatchBox 90: the pipe patch repair for bends

Quick and easy to use "no dig" application for bends. View Details

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