Clean Water Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

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What Makes our Pressure Testing (Hydrostatic Pressure Testing) Different?

Hydrostatic pressure testing allows the integrity and soundness of pipes, joint fittings and other components to be determined, ensuring that pipelines are fit for use before being put into service. The maximum capacity can be established, any leaks identified and the strength of the pipeline and its ability to withstand pressure verified. Pressure Testing’s unique pipe pressure testing package is the most advanced system available to water utility companies and contractors in the UK.

Developed to help water companies tackle leakage problems across the network, the PT pipe pressure testing service is a complete package that delivers high-performance equipment, expert advice and reliable certification. We offer next day delivery on all equipment, and our technicians are available to guide the contractor through the entire process.

Our own brand of data loggers record more data than any other: not only the pressure within the pipe, but also the ambient temperature, volume and the location of the test. By monitoring additional variables that can influence pressure levels, more accurate test results can be achieved. The GPS co-ordinates make it easy to establish which section of pipe each test relates to and allows a complete picture of the network being tested to be obtained.

Remote testing means there is no need for our technicians to travel to site to verify the results, helping to reduce costs and improve efficiency. The data can be downloaded immediately by our technicians, allowing the test to be monitored in real time. This means that potential problems can be detected and the test aborted if indications of a problem are present, saving time and money. The results are available to download from a secure website as soon as the test is complete and the results of all previous tests are available for reference.

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