Ant Hire Donates to children in Goa

Back to School…Already?!

The summer holidays may be fast approaching here in the UK but in Goa, the long holidays have drawn to an end and the children are preparing to head back to the classroom. Unfortunately, some of these children don’t even have the most basic equipment needed to receive an education.

Mark Douglas, one of Ant Hire's workshop technicians, discovered the charity Mango Tree Goa after visiting the country on holiday. Mango Tree Goa are a UK charity which aims to tackle poverty and support disadvantaged students in the region.

Through Mark’s help, Ant Hire have been able to donate a range of stationary supplies to Mango Tree. The young pupils have received uniforms, bags, stationary and toiletries to equip them for the year to come.

“We say a huge thank you to all those that gave or sponsored bags, pens, pencils, pencil cases, notebooks, soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes, umbrellas and countless other things that mean children are well equipped for another school year!” report Mango Tree from their Facebook page.

Thanks to Mark, this has been a great opportunity for us to make a difference elsewhere and continue to show our support in the future.

Interested in donating? Mango Tree Goa have a great website that can be visited here:

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