Julia Thompson Ant Hire Solutions

Get to know our team: Julia Thompson

What did you do before your role here at Ant Hire Solutions?

Before Ant Hire Solutions, I qualified as an accountant at Ernst & Young.  After qualifying I wanted to work for an owner managed business and have been here for over 22 years.

What has working at Ant Hire Solutions taught you?

Having been at Ant Hire Solutions from when we were a very small company to where we are now, has been an amazing experience and opportunity. I’ve have learnt such a lot, sometimes the hard way. One of the steepest learning curves was how to manage a team of people. Before working at Ant Hire Solutions I had never really managed anyone at work. As we grew and took on more members of the team it was apparent that we needed a high calibre of staff in every department and we needed to set specific goals and expectations to all team members in the business. This has enabled us to provide outstanding customer service coupled with our unique and innovative solutions to the water industry.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Ant Hire Solutions?

I don’t think I could pinpoint one aspect of my role that I enjoy the most. I enjoy the challenge of no two days being the same. I love the people I work with and the personalities they bring to the table. As part of my role on the leadership team I enjoy the high-level decision making I get to be a part of.

What are your interests outside of work?

I really enjoy keeping active so cycling and running are my two favourite sports at the moment. I also love hiking and often go to the Lake District for the weekend.

Name one thing that people might not know about you

I found this question very hard as I am such an open book, but I don’t think many people will know I used to have red hair. I can also play the piano and I can play the flute to grade 8.

As Ant Hire Solutions grows, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I am sure my role at Ant Hire Solutions will continue to evolve as the company grows but more importantly I want to see Ant Hire Solutions blossom and become THE name in the water industry for complete pipeline solutions.