Hydrostatic Pipeline Pressure Testing – Retroflo

Retroflo were contracted on to a utilities project in Lynemouth which included the pressure testing of newly laid pipelines. The commissioning company required proof of the test and a pass certificate for each new pipe that was commissioned, as well as the work being finished within a set timeframe.

Retroflo knew that carrying out a hydrostatic pipeline pressure test can be difficult due to the technical nature of testing. Several test methods can be used depending on the material of the pipe, the environment the pipe has been laid in and if there are inclines or bends in the network.

Martin Barlow, Project Manager at Retroflo, has a longstanding relationship with Ant Hire Solutions and knew they’re industry experts on all the different pipeline pressure test methods. Ant Hire Solutions also provide real-time intervention to operators who are undertaking tests, saving time, money and helping ensure tests pass first time.

Like many construction projects, not all went to plan on the job in Lynemouth. The pressure testing pump developed a leak which meant this had to be returned. Within 24 hours the Ant Hire Solutions customer service team had arranged for the pump to be swapped for a new one, keeping disruptions to a minimum. Additionally, when a key piece of the kit was accidentally returned, Simon Tucker, Field Customer Service Executive, drove to site with the missing item.

The onsite team at Lynemouth conducted their first pressure test which unfortunately resulted in a test failure. It was crucial to the team to get their tests to pass as quickly as possible. The pressure testing team at Ant Hire Solutions supported the next pressure test, advising the team onsite to swab the pipeline to remove any air, then working out of hours to help the Retroflo team undertake the pressure test.

Following this initial intervention from the Ant Hire Solutions’ expert team, Retroflo were able to get their pressure tests to pass safely and compliantly.

Retroflo were able to evidence the passed pressure tests to the utility company through the Ant Hire Solutions PIPE data dashboard. The PIPE dashboard provides contractors and utility companies with precise data and analysis on every test with multiple levels of data-led evidence to ensure tests results are true and accurate. Test certificates are also automatically generated, simplifying the administration process for all involved.

After the newly laid pipeline passed inspection, Martin Barlow contacted Ant Hire Solutions to say, “We can’t thank you and your team for your dedication to getting our tests to pass. Should this have dragged over the weekend there was every chance that it would have delayed things for 4 days! There is no way any other suppliers we use would have gone that far to help and the service is above and beyond anything I’ve experienced. It's amazing Ant Hire Solutions count this as part of their ‘day to day' service."