A traditional inflatable stopper requires far greater pressure than the LAMPE Isolation Device to expand and make contact the pipe wall. When inflated, a traditional expandable pipe stopper also shortens in length, reducing the surface area in contact with the pipe, and in turn increasing the risk of slippage. This can happen with even a minimal loss in pressure. When loosened, stoppers can be ejected with great force, putting operatives working downstream at risk of injury or worse. Other traditional isolation methods such as penstocks can also be unreliable, outdated and pose a potential risk to workers.

These problems do not exist with the LAMPE Isolation Device. The device is non expandable and contacts the pipe wall at very low inflation pressures (0.01 bar).

In the event of a pressure loss, the LAMPE Isolation Device won't immediately lose contact with the pipe wall, eliminating the risk of it slipping in the pipe.

If inflation pressure further decreases the head of water and liquid accumulation can pass safely under the device until reduced to an extent that it stabilises.

Combined with our unique Safety Application Monitor, which measures both the LAMPE Isolation Device pressure and back pressure at the head of water and activates a multi-stage warning process designed to ensure the safety of those working downstream, this is the safest pipeline flow control solution on the market.

Lampe Isolation Device - Benefits:

  • Safe, simple, fast and efficient to use
  • Non expandable
  • Contact pipe walls at very low inflation pressures (0.01 bar)
  • Designed to work without additional bracing or strutting
  • Suitable for circular, ovoid, elliptical, square and rectangular pipe profiles
  • Highly resistant to chemicals
  • Light in weight
  • Can be folded tightly, allowing them to get through manholes and smaller access points
  • Repairable should they be damaged
  • Have a proven life span of more than 30 years
  • Supported by the LAMPE Safety Application Monitor, water pressure monitoring and alert system
  • Supported by the UK’s first set of industry best practice Operational Guidelines for safe sewer isolation, developed in conjunction with Thames Water
  • Available for HIRE from Ant Hire Solutions – the UK's only distributor for LAMPE devices

LAMPE Applications:


Pipeline flow control devices such as the unique LAMPE Isolation Device and our SAVA pipe stoppers, provide a safe and reliable way of sealing pipes, sewers and drainage channels, securely stopping the flow of water to allow pipeline repair and maintenance.

The LAMPE Isolation Device provides industry safety best-practice performance for safe sewer isolation, supported by our Safety Application Monitor and the UK’s first set of Operational Guidelines for Isolation Device use, developed in conjunction with Thames Water.

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The LAMPE Bypass Device is ideal for use in pipes, drains or sewers when stopping a flow is not possible. The bypass cone device allows the flow to be diverted along a PVC pipe running through the centre of the LAMPE Bypass Device.

Unlike traditional stoppers, LAMPE Devices, make full contact with the pipe wall at a very low pressure (0.01 bar), making then far safer than standard inflatable pipe stoppers. When fully inflated to their working pressure of 1.0 bar, the Bypass Device is secured in the pipe and does not require bracing against movement.

  • Suitable for a wide variety of pipe profiles such as circular, ovoid, egg-shaped, elliptical, square and rectangular
  • For use in pipes ranging 400mm – 2,600mm in diameter
  • Internal bypass up to 500mm
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Safety Application Monitor

To provide an additional layer of safety for personnel working on the repair and maintenance of sewers under isolation, Ant Hire Solutions in-house team has developed the LAMPE Safety Application Monitor.

When used in conjunction with the LAMPE Isolation Device, the Safety Application Monitor enables the continuous monitoring of device inflation pressure and the back pressure of the head of water, triggering an warning alarm and enabling personnel to evacuate safely in the event of any changes to the pre-set pressure levels.



LAMPE Isolation Device Operational Guidelines

We are proud to announce that Ant Hire Solutions has developed the UK’s first best practice Operational Guidelines for safe sewer isolation, in conjunction with Thames Water

Designed to ensure the safety of personnel carrying out sewer maintenance and repair, the Operational Guidelines are based on the correct use of the LAMPE Isolation Device in these environments. The self-restraining LAMPE Isolation Devices are used to control flow in pipelines and sewers and represent the cutting-edge of isolation technologies.

Although pipeline isolation guidelines for the oil and gas industry exist, there was nothing in place for the water industry. A rise in instances of concrete and fatbergs, population growth and aging sewer networks have seen sewer maintenance and repair work increase together with a growing demand for a safe and reliable method of halting pipeline water flow.

The LAMPE Isolation Device Operational Guidelines cover all required steps and safety advice for the correct use of the LAMPE Isolation Device for safe sewer isolation, including pre-installation and in-pipe inspection, upstream and downstream use, and deflation, removal and servicing.

Complete the form below to download the LAMPE Isolation Device Operational Guidelines to help ensure the safety of your workforce with these industry best-practice Guidelines.