What is PIPE pipeline pressure testing and data management?


PIPE has been designed to help transform pipeline pressure testing through a unique combination of exceptionally accurate data logging technology and a real-time data management dashboard.

Therefore, with our data logging technology, real-time performance analysis and expert intervention we can instantly relay vital test information to the operatives on site. This ensures any issues with leakage and excess air content are responded to immediately. Moreover, we can help you save time, ensure only leak-free pipelines enter the network and keep people safe.

Additionally, PIPE also lets users generate test certificates and reports easily, as well as evaluate historical data to understand pressure testing and leakage trends.

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What problems does PIPE solve?

Between 2018 and 2019, PIPE pipeline pressure tests undertaken by Ant Hire Solutions, identified that 16% of all new pipelines suffered from leakage. This means with each kilometre of pipeline there is potentially 1.22 million litres of water leaking over a 35 year period.

If we apply these statistics to the entire UK water network, 55,018 km of the UK’s mains pipelines are likely to show evidence of leakage if pressure tested. This equates to 67,122 million litres per kilometre of potential water leakage over 35 years. That’s not all though – learn more about the state of leakage in the UK in our infographic.

In addition, 11% of pipelines tested contained dangerous air content levels, putting operatives at risk of injury and harm.


How does PIPE help utilities and contractors conduct and analyse tests?

PIPE offers a wide range of features to ensure hydrostatic pressure testing operations can be conducted and reviewed seamlessly, saving time and ensuring safety and compliance.

  • Real-time analysis of test data – leaks and air content safety threshold breaches can be acted on as they occur.
  • GPS-enabled, location-specific testing and co-ordination – improve operational productivity.
  • Precise data and analysis – improve pipeline efficiency and performance.
  • Explore multiple layers of data – for enhanced insight.
  • Information on every test displayed – enabling quick and easy reference.
  • Search by location, operator, job reference and more – streamlining the user experience.
  • Data-led evidence – for safety and compliance.
  • Test certificate auto-generation – simplifying administration.

To learn more about how PIPE can benefit your pipeline pressure testing and performance, please contact our expert team, and for information on how to conduct pressure tests safer and more efficiently, download our free eBook.