Pressure Testing FlangesPressure Testing Flanges


When conducting a pressure test, flanges are required blank off the section of pipe to be tested.

PN16 to PN40
Flanges that are used to test 18bar and above have three number threaded ports. One fitted with a 3/4″ ¼ turn valve positioned at the highest point to vent the air, the other with a 3/4″ British Standard Pipe (BSP) hydraulic coupling for pressurising and finally a 2” female quick release coupling for filling purposes.

These flanges have (mostly) two ports, a 2″ BSP and 3/4″ BSP. The top port is fitted with a 3/4″ ¼ turn vent valve and the other with a 2″ BSP ¼ turn lever valve terminating with a 2″ female camlock.

If standard flanges are not suitable, we have the capabilities to drill and tap blank flanges in-house to meet specific requirements.

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