LAMPE Blank Stopper

LAMPE Blank Stopper

LAMPE’s unique cone shaped stoppers offer a great alternative to the traditional inflatable stopper. Unlike traditional inflatable pipe stoppers which have to expand to seal the pipe, LAMPE cone stoppers make full contact with the pipe wall at a very low pressure (0.01 bar), making then far safer than standard inflatable pipe stoppers. When fully inflated to their working pressure of 1.0 bar, the cone stoppers are secured in the pipe and do not require bracing against movement.

• Suitable for a wide variety of pipe profiles such as circular, ovoid, egg-shaped, elliptical, square and rectangular
• For use in pipes ranging 80mm – 3,600mm in diameter
• One size suits many different diameters e.g. a 1400mm can fit pipes 500-1,400mm

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