LAMPE Bypass Device

Lampe Bypass DeviceLampe Bypass Device

LAMPE Bypass Device

The Lampe bypass cone pipe stopper allows the sewer or pipe flow to pass through a HDPE flume pipe running through the centre of the stopper.

• For use in circular pipes ranging from 400mm to 1,700mm in diameter
• Internal bypass up to 450mm ID
• Inflated using a site compressor or specifically designed Ant Hire Solutions pipe stopper compressor

Case Studies

Case Studies: Bypass cone stoppers were recently used as part of the i360 project in Brighton during which a 162m observation tower was constructed. Contractor C J Thorne Ltd was brought in to redirect a Victorian sewer running beneath the proposed site. Once the new 200m concrete sewer run had been constructed, the team was faced with the problem of diverting the flow into the new pipe. As over-pumping would be an expensive and disruptive option, Thornes searched for an alternative solution and discovered that LAMPE bypass stoppers were available to hire from Ant Hire. The original sewer was opened up and the LAMPE stoppers were positioned in the mouth of new sewer section and the old, allowing the sewage to be diverted through a temporary pipe in the centre of the stopper. The manholes were then constructed around the temporary pipes using the Vertform manhole creation system from Ant Hire. Once complete, the stoppers were deflated remotely. Unlike conventional stoppers, this could be done while there was a head of water behind the stopper, which was removed along with the flume pipe while the sewage was still flowing. Site Manager Cerwin Meijer commented: “;The stoppers were very good. They held in position when they were deflated and they inflated in position while the water was flowing. They fulfilled our requirements perfectly.”