Nano Easy

NANO easy komplett robotic cuttingNANO easy komplett robotic cutting

Nano Easy

The Nano Easy is an ideal solution for small contractors working in residential, small commercial and industrial environments. With excellent flexibility in 90° bends, the Nano Easy is a compact and versatile answer to lateral cutting.

• Suitable for pipes from DN70 up to DN100
• Pneumatic clamping unit allows for use in vertical pipes
• 15 or 25 meter supply hose

Training and Support


To help you achieve optimum results, we can provide an onsite demonstration of this product or its application on request, taking you through each step and ensuring its safe usage.  For more information contact us on 0333 567 3210.


Unsure of what you need? Our customer service team and our specialist technicians will help identify the best solution for you and the exact equipment you require.  Call us on 0333 567 3210 – we’ll be happy to help.