Pressure Testing Standards

Pressure Testing Standards

IGN Standards

Our testing practices are fully compliant with Information Guidance Notes 4-01-03 for the water industry. The document entitled, ‘Pressure Testing of Pressure Pipes and Fittings for use by Public Water Suppliers’, includes details of various test methods for pipes of different materials.

It is used by contractors and testing companies and is the standard quoted in procurement specifications by many water companies.
This set of standards is also used by consultants throughout the UK and increasingly, worldwide.

Ant Hire’s pressure testing department played a key part in the revision of the document and is recognised in the industry for its testing methods and result analysis.

BS EN 805

BS EN 805 was released in 2000 and is a general standard entitled Water Supply – requirements for systems and components outside buildings. The document specifies permissible leakage rates for pipelines and while it does suggest test methods, it does not go into detail, hence the need for these to be covered in the Information Guidance Notes (IGN). The methods set out in the IGN are fully compliant with BS EN 805.

Civil Engineering Specification for the Water Industry

Our testing methods and results are fully compliant with the Civil Engineering Specification for the Water Industry.

Alternative Standards

As well as working to the above standards, we have the capabilities to adapt test methods to adhere to other standards required for the individual customer. We have previously created several unique tests to meet the needs of particular contractors and water authorities. Contact us now to see how we can meet your needs.

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