Swabs and Locators

Soft foam swabs for pressure testsSoft foam swabs for pressure tests

Swabs and Locators

Purging the pipeline of air is essential to ensure a safe and accurate pressure test, this will also help ensure the shortest possible test duration. The best method for air removal is the use of our soft foam swabs. The swab is inserted at the filling end prior to the pipeline being closed off. A high volume and low pressure filling pump is used to push the swab quickly along the pipeline, forcing the air out through the open air vents. The swabbing operation must be carried out without interruptions, to avoid any water passing or the swab collapsing.

Our swabs are also highly flexible; they are able to traverse bends, 90 degree tees, and some mitre bends. They can also pass through reduced pipelines up to 50% reduction in diameter.

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