The Vertform Set®

Vertform setVertform set

The Vertform Set®

Designed and developed by Ant Hire Solutions, Vertform® is a totally unique system that allows manhole inverts to be constructed easily without the need for skilled teams. Each complete Vertform® set provides you with the components needed to create a watertight manhole in one operation, achieving any angle from 90° to 180°

  • Construction takes place in a single operation, requiring no granolithic benching or time-consuming sealing
  • Can be installed from just 45 minutes
  • Simple system and easy-to-follow instructions eliminate the need for skilled labour
  • Suitable for pipes between 375mm and 1,800mm
  • Pre-formed components ensure the correct invert profile
  • Provides an excellent-quality finish
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  • Adaptable system easily suits direction and diameter changes
  • Reusable, economical components
  • Reduces the need to work in confined spaces