Resin injection system halts leaks and saves money at recycling plant

As we all know, water leakage can be a real issue so you need reliable, quality solutions to help you fix the problem in a timely manner.

Our LeakBox leak sealing systems come in two forms – a manhole leak sealing kit complete with everything you need to stop leaks in manholes, tanks and a variety of different structures – and also as a leak sealing injection system, with adjustable pressure settings, which can be operated by just one worker for maximum efficiency.

John Brooks, Draining Division Manager, has been kind enough to share a recent job with us, where our LeakBox Fastpack Leak Sealing Injection System came into its own… The job itself entailed carrying out repairs at a large recycling plant, requiring resin injection repairs to several 600mm diameter pipes. 

John takes up the story from here; “We hired the equipment from Ant Hire mainly due to its very competitive price, but also because the pump on the system could insert an impressive amount of resin in order complete the works quicker.

We really liked the product because it worked perfectly and did the job first time! Initially we tested the system on 2 of the 12x600mm pipes, assessing them a few days later, to find that there was no ingress of water coming into the sump chamber, which was great news.

The client was very happy with this result and decided to inject all the other 10 incoming 600mm pipes!

Before the resin injection repairs were carried out (by Monks Contractors) the client was tanking the water away at an approximate rate of 5000 litres per day! So, as you can imagine, the client was very happy with the outcome, not to mention the savings in their budget.”


So, all in all, we think the client and Monks Contractors were very happy indeed with the performance of the LeakBox Leak Sealing Injection System.

It’s a fast and cost effective way to stop water ingress. The LeakBox allows large or small water leaks in manholes, cellars, tanks and any other brick or concrete structures to be stopped quickly and easily with a great range of benefits:

  • Stops leaks in minutes
  • No previous experience required
  • High quality materials
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Expands by 37 times
  • Can be injected in the presence of pressurised water

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