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Stopper Safety: 8 Tips for a Safe Working Environment

We’ve compiled 8 simple rules to follow when using pipe stoppers to help ensure you are working both safely and efficiently:

  1. Never use a pipe stopper in a pipe size outside of its stated working range
  2. Ensure the stopper is fully inserted, with none of the body outside of the pipe
  3. If required, brace the stopper against the expected back pressure to prevent it from moving (our range of LAMPE stoppers do not require bracing)
  4. Never use the lifting eyes as an anchor for bracing
  5. Do not exceed the maximum inflation pressure and/or maximum back pressure, as stated by the manufacturer
  6. Inflate the pipe stopper from a safe distance e.g. from the surface of the manhole
  7. Check the pressure within the stopper at least every five hours - if it is losing pressure, this could cause it to dislodge
  8. Always release the back pressure before deflating the stopper

For more helpful operating guides or information about our range, either give us a call on 0333 567 3210

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